The New Tecnis Symfony Intraocular Lens Comes to Pacific Vision institute of Hawaii

A new lens option for cataract patients is now available at Pacific Vision institute of Hawaii.The new FDA approved intraocular lens ( IOL) is called the Symfony Lens. This is the first lens that provides cataract patients with an extended depth-of-focus, which helps provide seamless vision at near, intermediate and far distances and can correct astigmatism. This greatly reduces dependence on glasses.

Why is the Symfony Lens important?

The Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL represents the latest advancement in cataract technology. Studies have shown that the Symfony Lens is beneficial for distance, intermediate AND extended reading distances, while also being able to correct astigmatism if needed.

FDA and other studies show that 97% – 98% of patients were satisfied with the Symfony IOL and would have it implanted again or recommend it to friends and family.Most patients who had the Symfony IOL reported being free of their glasses.

If you or someone you love needs cataract surgery, please schedule an appointment with a us and find out if the the Tecnis Symfony Intraocular Lens  is a good fit for you.

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